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Spiritual Healing, What Is It?

Spiritual means The Breath Of Life. It's usually described as regaining the balance of your mind body and or emotions. It is also a natural therapy of energy, Its treating the mind and body and also spirit of a whole person. Effects are profound, and can be felt on various levels instead of just a physical level when taking medicines.

Where does the energy come from?

Energy is part of a universal nature. It is all around us and available for all of us to use for the greater good. Healers have the ability to tap into the energy and pass it on to many who would like to learn.

LotWhere does the energy come from

How it works

The Reiki healer channels energy to the patient, in distant attunements or in person attunements. Someone could have unbalanced energy or depleted energy, this tends to result in an illness or stress. Energy is then taken to the place where it is most needed. You are of course, free to talk to your healer about any problems you have, although, they do not need to know the problem in the attunement session. They are able to heal without knowing the problem due to them channelling energy to where it needs to go. However, when you are ill, you should always go to a doctor. If they have prescribed you with medication, you should take it. You can also have spiritual healing, and together with the medicine, they should both help with your recovery. You should never pick between the two, as they will help you together.

How it works

Many think of religion when the word spiritual comes into the conversation. But this is not the point. Nonphysical parts such as your mind and emotions come into play when the spiritual nature of mankind is concerned. No matter what religion you are, spiritual healing can help you. No matter what faith or religion you are, this does not play any part in a healing session, in fact, it will not even be discussed what religion or faith you are. Spiritual healing can be for anyone from; babies to young children, young adults and adults, even animals.

Whoever is having a healing session, nothing is expected from them. An open conversation may take place on what they think could happen and a degree of trust in the person healing them. An acceptance and the need for change will also help towards being healed. It is the patients' positive attitude and openness to wanting to feel well again, this works with both the medicines and spiritual healing from the healer.

The spiritual healer will begin to explain how they are trying to help you. After explaining the procedure, the spiritual healer will then as if you would like to continue on. If you choose to agree, your session will then start. Hand on healing is where the healer, with your permission, will place their hands on you gently. Or, they can work closely next to you with their hands, but not touch you – this is classes as hands off healing. Each healer has their own different way of working, so it is hard to say exactly what will happen on each session. There is a code of conduct issued by their organisation, which they will adhere to, so they know where and where not to place their hands.

Unless the healer considers the session beneficial if it goes on longer, an average reiki healing session will last around ten to twenty minutes. Of course, this does vary. When the session first starts, you will be asked to relax your mind. You can close your eyes at this part. There may be gentle and relaxing music in the background throughout your session also. It is important to just relax and enjoy yourself in the session, do not try and detect what is going on, you must just relax.

If you are suffering from an illness, your healer will encourage you to be in contact with your doctor on a regular basis. If you feel any different after having your reiki healing session, you can also tell your doctor. In regards to medical care, medicines, treatments or surgeries, your doctor will of course, always remain in control.