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Register today to become a healer for life and heal yourself anytime,
anywhere and in any situation.

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Learning Reiki

Reiki is a very easy therapy to learn and it is for everyone, as it is not bound by any belief system. It is now widely recognised and is being experienced and imparted throughout the UK.

Usui Shiki Ryoho is traditional Reiki, handed down from Usui Sensei to Reiki Masters practicing today. Usui Sensei's teachings are very much about teaching people how to heal themselves, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. His motto 'unity of self through harmony and balance' is in inscription on the wall of his training centre in Tokyo. This is very much the basis for learning all the levels of Reiki today.

Handed down from Mrs Takata are western style teachings and there are other styles practiced in Japan. Most Reiki Masters teaching in the West are beginning to blend the two styles, thereby offering students a more comprehensive and rounded teaching.

Anyone can learn this simple and wonderful healing therapy. Reiki includes everyone, from all backgrounds and all religions. Children can also learn a simplified version of it.

The ability to learn Reiki is not dependent on intellectual capacity, nor does one have to be able to meditate. It is simply passed on from the teacher to the student. As soon as this happens, one has and can do Reiki. It is easily learned by anyone.

Reiki is a pure form of healing not dependent on individual talent or ability. Because of this, the personality of the healer is less likely to cloud the significance of the experience. The feeling of being connected directly to God's healing love and protection is simply apparent.

There are three main levels to Sensei Usui's teachings and each level teaches you how to integrate Reiki into your life.

About The Course

The courses are taught in a relaxed and personal style, with plenty of time for questions, and to get to know the other students.

It is suitable for complete beginners to practice energy work, as well as anyone wishing to re-do their Reiki training. The course will give an introduction to the philosophy , history, and theory of Reiki, and includes many practical exercises to boost the confidence of the students to use Reiki.

You will learn how to treat yourself and heal current and past imbalances. Open up to more light in your life. Learn how to use this amazing energy to supercharge your life, turn situations around to serve you better. You will start to feel 'in the flow' and make better choices!

If you want to become a practising healer, this is the perfect first step. Includes your take home manual, meditations and certificate. Ongoing practice sessions and support.

Lotus Divine About The Course

What is covered on the day:

  Level One Attunements

  Level One Attunements

  What is Reiki?

  Hand Positions

  Reiki Training manual.

  The Reiki Principles

  The Chakra system

  The Chakra system

  Practical Experience

  Practical Experience

  What is healing?

  Reiki and spirituality

  How to "tune-in" to Reiki

  Using Reiki in daily life

  The Reiki Principles

  The 12 hand positions

  Using Reiki at work

  Reiki First Degree Certificate and Lineage

  Self Healing – Healing Others, Working in Groups

The Attunement

  • Reiki is not taught in the way other healing techniques are taught. It is transferred to the student by the Reiki Master during the process of attunement. This process opens the crown, heart, and palm chakras and creates a special link between the student and the Reiki source.
  • The Reiki attunement is a powerful spiritual experience. The attunement energies are directed into the student through the Reiki Master. The process is guided by the Rei or God-consciousness and makes adjustments in the process depending on the needs of each student. The attunement is also attended by Reiki guides and other spiritual beings who help implement the process.
  • Students often report experiences involving: increased intuitive awareness, and other psychic abilities after receiving a Reiki attunement.
  • Once you have received a Reiki attunement, you will have Reiki for the rest of your life. It does not wear off and you can never lose it. While one attunement is all you need for each level to be attuned to same level again can bring benefits. Experimentation has found that additional attunements of the same level add to the value of that level. These benefits include refinement of the Reiki energy one is channelling, increased strength of the energy, healing of personal problems, clarity of mind, increased psychic sensitivity, and a raised level of consciousness. If you are interested please speak to your Reiki practitioner.
  • The Reiki attunement can start a cleansing process that affects the physically, mentally and emotionally. Toxins that have been stored in the body may be released along with feelings and thought patterns that no longer serve you. Therefore, a process of purification prior to the attunement is recommended to improve the benefit one receives.

Preparation For The Course

In order to improve the outcomes, you receive during the attunement, a process of purification is recommended. This will allow the attunement energies to work more efficiently and create greater benefits for you. The following steps are optional. If you feel guided to do so please do the following.

  • Refrain from eating meat, fowl or fish for three days prior to the attunement. These foods often contain drugs in the form of penicillin and female hormones and toxins in the form of pesticides and heavy metals that make your system sluggish and throw it out of balance.
  • Consider a water or juice fast for one to three days especially if you already are a vegetarian or have experience with fasting.
  • Caffeine creates imbalances in the nervous and endocrine systems. Use caffeine free drinks on the day of the attunement or stop completely if you can, however consume plenty of water.
  • Use no alcohol for at least three days prior to the attunement.
  • Minimize or stop using sweets. Eat no chocolate.
  • If you smoke, cut back, and smoke as little as possible on the day of the attunement.
  • Meditate an hour a day for a least a week using a style you are familiar with or simply spend this time in silence.
  • Reduce or eliminate time watching TV, listening to the radio, and reading newspapers.
  • Go for quiet walks, spend time with nature, and get moderate exercise.
  • Give more attention to the subtle impressions and sensations within and around.
  • Release all anger, fear, jealousy, hate, worry, etc. up to the light. Create a sacred space within and around you.
  • By receiving an attunement you will become part of a group of people who are using Reiki to heal themselves, and each other, and who are working together to heal the Earth. You will also be receiving help from Reiki guides and other spiritual guides who are also working towards these goals. While Reiki is not a religion, you may prepare your mind with intention to work and pray in a mode comfortable to you to prepare to open to higher spiritual energies and experiences.

Further Informations

  • No previous experience required for Reiki 1.
  • Cost - Reiki Level 1 is £150 for the course and attunements.
  • Duration: Up To 6 Hours.
  • Coffee/Tea breaks are included.

Register today to become a healer for life and heal yourself anytime,
anywhere and in any situation.

Register Now