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Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful form of healing and the benefits are felt on various levels. It can be used alongside other complementary therapies or conventional medicine.

Reiki and Stress Reduction

Reiki is known for reducing stress levels thru inducing a state of relaxation. While stress is not considered as illness, everyone experiences stress. And when stress is experienced for a prolong periods of time, the body can begin to be affected both physical and mentally, as it weakens the immune system. In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive report than an estimated half million people experience Stress at a level that makes them ill and unable to work. Reiki encourages and supports positive personal choices. Reiki can and does help with stress reduction, which has the added benefit of boosting the immune system.

Reiki can enhance everyday living and regular sessions may help to promote development of a healthier state of being.

  Taking Charge of One's Life

  Self-Healing in a Natural Way

  Enhances Meditation Power

  Brings Deep Relaxation

  Reduction in Stress & Tension

  Spiritual Growth & Enlightenment

  Holistic Healing

  Strengthens the Immune System

  Increases Vitality

  Emotional Balancing & Cleansing

  Clarity in Thought

  Delays the Ageing Process

  Adopts to Natural Body Needs of the Person

It helps counter negative thoughts like anxiety, stress, feeling of insecurity, mental tension, doubt, lack of confidence, hatred, jealousy etc. and helps in positive thinking.

  Helps in recovery from surgery

  Soothes shocks

  Increases creativity

  Increases personal awareness

  Helps in de-addiction

  Removes toxins from the body

  Betters sleep

  Relieves pain

  IClears energy blockades & restores balance in the body

What Reiki brings in?

  Sense of honesty in thoughts & actions

  Love & compassion for all

  Total faith in God

  End to the feeling of judgment & blame for others

  Use positive and negative experiences in one's life to grow

  Have faith, confidence and trust in the inner guidance and intuition of oneself

  Accepting personal responsibility

  Respecting others views, values and opinions

Note: Reiki is being used in various different organisations such as private practice, care of the elderly, drug rehabilitation, cancer support centres, GP surgeries, hospitals, hospices, groups, post-operative recovery, prisons, HIV/AIDS centres, and in the complementary therapy centres.

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