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Clarity of Reiki energy channel

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Reiki involves taking up the client’s negative energy without affecting yourself. But this is not a common topic because the Reiki practitioners do not use their own energy but only channelise the Reiki energy. There is no travelling of the client’s negative energy back to the practitioner because the practitioner does not use his or her own personal energy. He or she is only a medium for the energy from the infinite to the soul of the client. The important aspect is to have clarity of Reiki energy channel that will guide you in imparting the energy to the client. However, if Reiki is not given in the correct way or there is high level of empathic element of the healer or the practitioner then there can be the flow of negative or unwanted energy from the client to the practitioner.

Earlier it was believed that it is possible that Reiki can flow in the unwanted direction because of flaws in giving Reiki to clients. This has been proved time and again with case of Reiki treatments all over the world. Under these instances, the practitioners have reported physical problems which have occurred during the time they were giving Reiki energy to the clients. They have felt uneasiness, pain, negative feelings, or lesser level of frequency and vibration that were caused after providing Reiki to a client. Some practitioners reported having the client’s symptoms.

But these symptoms were neither supposed to happen nor were they anticipated, there was no solution to them. There was no concept about these symptoms at all, so there was no mechanism also, to deal with them. When they were reported, they were dismissed as unimportant or irrelevant. Practitioners were not takes seriously and were asked to ignore them and forget. But frequent and more reporting of these instances led to a deep investigation about the happening. There was investigation about how Reiki works and its effects on the client and the practitioner. The effort was to identify the drawbacks and put the healing process back on track by implementing the correct ways and procedures. The aim was to prevent the negative energy of the client from affecting the practitioner.

The client’s negative energy influences the practitioner because of the interaction of the practitioner’s personal energy with the healing process. This flow is not good for the practitioner but it mixes with healing energy during the treatment or healing and starts affecting the healer.

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