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Chemical withdrawal and Reiki

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Chemical dependency is extremely hard and painful. Withdrawal symptoms include a range of physical and emotional effects like body aches, vomiting, muscle pain, cravings, and loss of appetite, mood swings and sleep disorders. Reiki is typically useful in these conditions and helps retain the lost healthy conditions quickly.

Chemical withdrawal and Reiki are closely connected as the psychological and emotional problems are dealt most effectively with the universal energy. It soothes and calms down the agitating, charging mind and physical after-effects. It composes the mind and the body and helps it regain the previous conditions of well-being.

Typically, the new clients are apprehensive of the effects that Reiki can produce as well as the side-effects. They are understandably reluctant to move through it because of lack of understanding about the healing power of Reiki. They are inarguably ignorant about what change it can bring into their lives. To sum up, there are trust issues going in their minds.

They are unable to collect enough confidence and faith in it because of their lack of knowledge about it. But it takes merely half an hour before calm down and realise the worth. They experience reduced or no trembling and are able to focus on themselves. Within a few minutes, there is relaxation, tranquillity and nervous calming down which ignites a hope for them which acts as the first step towards their treatment.

The issues of calmness appear to vanish and they begin to experience more control over themselves. There is a sense of self-control overpowering them and they start getting more confident that they it works and work with them too. This all is accompanied by a feeling of peace, security and safety. Once this drug or chemical associated feelings reduce the emotion of panic and trauma dissolves. There seems to be a release of panic, trauma and anxiety and the clients feel refreshed and in command. At this point of time, the clients begin to go further and willing for another session.

These clients are aware of the stigma associated with drug, alcohol abuse and unable to face the society with full confidence. There are also frustration, anger and shame issues which prevent them from being part of the healthy society again. There is guilt and self-blame which furthers their integration back into the society.

So, they need to be taken care of in a very gentle, polite, humble, decent and caring way. They need to be convinced that may be sometimes it is not their fault and they can live a productive life and contribute to the society in a healthy way and be happy and prosperous again.

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