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Chakra function

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Chakra function

You should treat a chakr especially along with whole body treatment when there is a problem with a specific chakr. The power symbol is used for this purpose so that there is more and strong spiritual and healing energy flow which harmonises and heals of that particular energy centre. This is most important because of the vitality of chakra function in a human or living being. But hand placing for this is not required because in this way, the Reiki energy will not reach the chakras as more absorption of energy will be by the body as a whole. You should place your hand at 12-15 cm from the body and this will create the maximum energy flow into the chakras. Similarly the first chakra should be treated from the above and the last chakra from below.

The energy block is created when there is block between the chakra and the spinal energy channels. This obstruction between the chakra and the line of energy flow causes much reduced energy flow into the energy body or the aura of the client. So it should be treated from the front and at the place of connection between it and other chakras. This is important because the amount of energy is at the full and penetrates into the body in the best way.  In case of treating the energy chakra’s back you can use any of the ways like supplying energy either from the front of the body or through the back portion of the body. The best way to channelise the eternal, spiritual and healing force energy is to give it with two or three fingers to the spine or use the full hand near the spine.

But there are some steps or precautions that should take before going to supply the energy to the client or patient. To begin, you need to rub your palms with each other or together and continue doing it till the time you feel the heat or get energised. Once there is energy, direct it towards the affected chakra from the front and the back. This will begin the flow of the universal and intelligent life force energy into the aural body of the client. Move the hands up and down till you feel the radiation of energy. Often, healers coordinate the client’s and their breathing in their hara region. In order to generate maximum energy, continue moving your hands little bit.

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