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Cancer Surgery and Reiki

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Cancer can be said to be the single most deadly disease of our times. It is so well known that mere thought can raise feelings of fear and death. This is most with cancer patients in need of surgery. Those with cancer have to undergo surgery sometime or the other in their lives. Even if we agree that surgery is the only way out, Reiki can play a big role in its treatment. It can be easily said that cancer surgery and Reiki are closely linked because many hospitals are offering Reiki for cancer patients. It shows that Reiki is not only been recognized as beneficial but used alongside cancer surgery. Patients can opt for it when taking medications or waiting for surgery. This is because it eases surgery in a big way by mentally, emotionally and psychologically preparing the patient for the operation.

In the present times, the best solution to be thought is to cut the affected part off but this is only a temporary respite and does not solve the problem totally at all. As for the medicines, they are only effective till they are administered and fail to last long time. The available treatments are chemotherapy and radiation which can be said to be necessary evil because they have their own set of functional and aesthetic problems.

Another way to treat the disease is to use energy healing. This ancient East Asian way of healing rests on the concept of creator life force energy. It is believed that every living being has a living energy field around it. From this view, it is stated that any problem in the flow of energy in the body is responsible for health problems. Once the proper flow of energy in the body is established, the person is in healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fields. It works wonderfully in balancing the flow of energy in the person, thus removing the disorders and health problems. One is able to connect to the creator force using Reiki and overcome his or her problems. The body is cleansed off toxins and other wastes and the body regains its ability to heal itself. Then there is no need of surgery and strong medicines for treating diseases. But even if used along with Reiki, surgery becomes easy and tolerable. It reduces the pain and suffering caused by chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

All this is becoming a regular thing with cancer patients going for pre-operation Reiki or Reiki before moving onto the surgery room for both physical and emotional reliefs. They want to control their anxiety, fear, depression, phobias and other emotions. So much that people have been able to be up on their feet soon after surgery. Reiki is especially useful after chemotherapy because it is basically a therapy based on toxins and Reiki removes the excess out of the body. It enables them to move on with their life in the best way possible. In fact, Reiki can be given to the whole family of cancer patient to make them feel better.

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