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Aura & Chakras

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The knowledge of chakras and auras is not necessary for using Reiki but it is certainly helpful if students have an understanding of their working. These are the body’s natural energy systems which get more powerful when Reiki is done. Since Reiki is the universal life force energy, it affects the energy within anybody. So Aura & Chakras are inherently related to Reiki.

We can see the physical body as existing but are unaware of the energy body. In fact, everything in the body is energy because it requires energy to function the body. We can only see and feel the body so the general thinking is that the body is everything and there is nothing apart from it. But it has been observe under various scientific methods that there is a surrounding energy body which is fine, lighter and has higher levels of vibes as compared to the gross body and called the aura. Within this auric field or the human energy field, there are centres of energy which are called chakras. Since this energy field is made up of higher frequencies, they are invisible to the naked eye. This can be viewed by the specially developed Kirlean Camera.

This aura or the energy field surrounds the body all over. It is present along the body outer layer and is present at the top, bottom and sides. It covers the body completely and ‘runs’ along the outermost body layer. It consists of seven layers and the layer nearest to the body is the densest and the outermost one to the body is the thinnest or finest. The frequency and vibe of each layer gets higher as it moves from the innermost layer to the outermost surface.

Generally, the shape of aura is elliptical or oval and is little bigger in the back and smaller at the front and narrower at the sides. It is slightly projected on all the sides of the body and extends further the feet. The aura is not of the same size at all times. It grows or becomes less depending on a number of factors. It expands and contracts depending on the health condition, presence or absence of disease etc. It also hugely depends on your emotional or psychological wellbeing at any time. It depends on your surroundings; situations etc. and fluctuate according to different conditions in your life like love, job, marriage, birth etc.

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