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A world of Greater Joy

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The love and joy from the creator is infinite and can be enjoyed by one and all. There is no restriction or limit to the good than can come to people wanting and searching for his love. It is A world of Greater Joy and is available to all by desire, wish and urge. There is no bound to what is there in store for us and we can be greater. All this comes to reality with Reiki and we need to accept what is offered. This way, we will open to a new, vast and exotic world of pure and eternal bliss and all round healing is possible then.

Waking up to an immensely better world

Generally we see life as something of a struggle and have negative views of it. We have a sense of fear, anxiety, strain and stress and see the responsibilities and duties of or towards life as something impossibly tough, difficult, a burden and a suffering. In life, we attempt to protect or defend ourselves against things which we pre-imagine to be opposing us. The fact is that almost all the problems and difficulties of our lives are imaginary and based on assumptions. Almost of them never actually happen at all! They are in our minds and we start defending ourselves against them when they have not actually happened or may not happen in the future.

But this way, we focus ourselves not on the actual facts but on things which we assume to be taking place. We forget that things almost never go the way we ‘want’ them to be. Things have their own course. We believe many adverse situations to be real and create an illusion of those negative situations from nowhere or make the existing situation worse by constantly imagining the bad situation. As a result of negative ideas in our minds, we are not able to deal with the situation as should be and end up making the already-difficult situation worse.

This is not the situation here which is creating the problem but we are creating the problem for ourselves. These conditions do not exist until we make them real by doing the unwanted out of our fear. This leads us to a situation in which we are much less prepared to handle the situation. This thinking has become a part of us and the thinking is that this is the only way out.

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