What Is A Reiki Master

A Master in Reiki is one who has taken the responsibility of healing others. He is a teacher who will teach others to heal themselves and others. He shows them the path or way to do so. A Reiki Master designation is not for boasting oneself but to serve others on their way to bodily and spiritual progress. The Reiki teacher stays within his energy and never interferes with other’s paths.

Although, the main objective of the Master / Teacher level is to teach or heal others, it is not mandatory to do so. Many students go for this level to enhance their knowledge and increase their healing capability. Therefore, it does not matter what are your objectives are to move on to the Reiki Master/Teacher level as they all are respected and the right choice for anybody.

Becoming a Reiki teacher or master is not limited to the workshop. For being a great teacher, you should be there for your students or pupils whenever and wherever the need you. Being a Reiki master is much more than a certification. You should be compassionate, have gratitude, and be caring, wise and loving to all the small things in life. It is the first step towards becoming a great master or teacher. You need to be committed and dedicated to your values and principles. You must know and understand that your knowledge, experience and compassion are your assets and are invaluable.

“Nature provides with plenty, but never to waste” – Takata sensei

The chief motive of a Reiki master should be to have a balanced lifestyle and maintaining spiritual discipline. A Reiki master is always respectful towards Nature and earth and caring to beauty in different forms. A master always lives a life of moderation. The Reiki level 3 attunement opens the heart and one begins to feel unconditional love for one and all. Basically, being a master means to serve others with unconditional love.

  • A true master is never judgmental. He is always impartial, impersonal, compassionate and detached.
  • A master has total understanding of the cosmic laws.
  • He is able to recognize causal effect in others.
  • A master does not have ego.
  • He does not flatter the human ego.
  • He devotes much time and effort on his or her spiritual growth.
  • A true master always builds your self-esteem and courage and never lets you feel guilty or bad about yourself.
  • A master does not speak about his or her background to others unless it is needed for the spiritual teachings to others.
  • A master never differentiates or distinguishes among people and sees all of them as an expression of the Supreme.
  • A Master does not differentiate among people nor does he become partial with respect to people on the basis of race, colour, religion etc.
  • A master does not argue with anybody because he or she knows that for a believer no reasoning is needed and for a non-believer no amount of reasoning would do.
  • A true master never sees and judges a person by his external looks and appearance but sees a person’s soul and values.
  • Master is one who is detached and aloof but is full of compassion and love.
  • He is highly grateful to the divine one for everything, even the smallest services that he gets.
  • A master focuses on raising the consciousness, spirituality, improving the character, wisdom and the understanding of his or pupils or disciples.
  • A real master is humble. He is aware that there are still many things to master. They realize that they are going though the learning process.

For new Reiki masters: On successful completion of the Reiki Master / Teacher level, it would appear to address, heal or teach the masses difficult but you should proceed by one step at a time as in anything else in life. Even if you are able to bring a small change in single person’s life, it is a huge achievement and step.

If a Master is able to bring healing to the earth and the universe through his or her knowledge, experience and wisdom then he is truly doing a great service to humanity as a Reiki Master or Teacher. Reiki is about healing the earth so that it becomes more beautiful and peaceful than ever.”To truly become more effective Reiki healers, we should not focus on developing our breathing, we should focus on developing our compassion” — Kenji Hamamoto.