Usui sensei’s Reiki Principles

Just for today –

  1. Don’t get angry
  2. Don’t worry
  3. Be grateful
  4. Work hard
  5. Be kind to others

Mornings and evenings –

  1. Sit in the gassho position
  2. And repeat these words
  3. Out loud and in your heart
  4. For the improvement
  5. Of Body and Soul…

Usui Sensei expected that practitioners would devote some time in the morning and evening on Reiki principles and those who do that confirm that reflecting on the principles indeed helps in a better, happier and balanced lifestyle.

Don’t get angry
This emotion is very common and results from suppressed situations and feelings. But controlling this does not mean in anyway to suppress it for more harmful results. It simply means that one should follow the emotion or feeling very closely and you will feel it disappear into nothing. It does not mean that one should keep anger bottled up or to pretend that it does not exist at all.

Don’t worry
Worry is not a solution to any problem. Each day must be lived per day only. There will be problems but worrying is not the answer because one must live the present with the best of one’s abilities and leave the remaining on the universal energy. So, if there is a solution to a problem, then there is nothing to worry anymore. One must trust the universe and experience the maximum by realizing that he or she is part of the loving and caring universe.

Always be grateful
One should attract more blessings by appreciating and having gratitude for the blessing one already has. One can have joy and happiness by cultivating a habit of being happy and blessed. By this, he or she thanks the universe for whatever he or she has received or will receive.

Work hard
This goes beyond job and other important works. It enables you to be honest with yourself and see truth in everything around us. Learn to understand your experiences in life as lessons on the way to becoming a complete and integrated whole spiritually. It means having integrity in your terms with others, daily situations and having harmony in those things.

Be kind
Everything in the world is interconnected. We are included in the whole just as any other person, animal or material. The only difference is in the levels of vibrations. If we are grateful for what we have, be patient and a heart full of love we will be kind and generous towards others.