The power of Rudraksha, Amla and Tulsi

Rudraksh is supremely powerful and the wearer of a Rudraksha rosary is supreme among all human beings. Even the mere sight of such a holy man dissolves all the sins. Mantras become more powerful when chanted using Rudraksha mala. During Satya Yuga, there was a mighty demon named Tripurasur. He became very powerful was capable of moving in the space. The deities sought help of Lord Shiva, who killed Tripurasur by the sight of his third-eye. In the process, few drops of sweat from Lord Shiva's body fell down on the earth which got transformed into a large Rudraksha-tree.

Amla is a very nutritious fruit and great religious significance. It is very dear to Lord Vishnu and it is used on the auspicious day of Ekadashi to bring unmatched virtue. A person who regularly takes amla enjoys a long and healthy life. The religious importance of amla can be known from the following tale:

Once upon a time, a chandala went to hunt. On getting tired and feeling hungry, he saw an amla tree and climbed up the tree and satiated his hunger by eating sweet amla fruits. Unfortunately while he died when he was climbing down the tree. When the attendants of Yamaraj arrived to take back his soul, they could not do so even after several attempts. The attendants of Yamaraj were surprised and went to the sages for clarification. The sages revealed that they could not go near the chandala's dead body, because he had eaten amla just before his death. Such is the glory of amla!

Once Kartikeya asked Lord Shiva about the holiest tree, which was capable of giving salvation. Lord Shiva replied: The Tulsi plant is supreme among all the vegetation. She is very dear to lord Vishnu and fulfils all the desires of a man. Lord Krishna dwells near the place where there is a Tulsi plant. Spirits and ghosts never dare to venture near the Tulsi plant. If a man attaches a Tulsi leaf to his Shikha at the time of his death, he is liberated from all his sins. One who worships Lord Vishnu by offering Tulsi-leaves attains salvation. - Sri Padma Purana, (Shrishti-Khand).