Shiva Linga

About Shiva Linga


Shiva Linga is the heavenly image of Lord Shiva that is viewed as hallowed by the lovers of Lord Shiva. "Lingum" in Sanskrit signifies, 'symbol'. Shiva Lingum, hence implies image of Lord Shiv by Shaivaites. Siva Linga has been loved in Hinduism since ages. Love of Shiva Linga is respected holy and prevalent in Shiva Mahapurana. This is on the grounds that the shape makes adore straightforward while keeping up reality that God does not have any unmistakable frame.

Structure of Shiva Linga

Most predominant symbol of Shiva and for all intents and purposes found in all Shiva sanctuaries, Shiva Linga is an adjusted, curved, a famous picture that is generally determined to a round base or peetham. As indicated by a few researchers the Peetham speaks to Parashakti,  displaying energy of God.

Shiva Lingas are generally made of stone that may either be cut or normally existing - svayambhu, for example, molded by a quick streaming waterway. Shiva Lingas may likewise be made of metal, valuable diamonds, precious stone, wood, earth or fleeting materials, for example, ice. A few researchers say that transient Shiva Linga might be made of 12 distinct materials, for example, sand, rice, cooked sustenance, waterway earth, dairy animals waste, spread, rudraksha seeds, fiery debris, sandalwood, darbha grass, a bloom wreath or molasses.

Different Interpretation of Shiva Linga

Other than seeing Shiva Linga as the image and form of Lord Shiva, religious researchers have given different understandings of Shiva Linga. Here is the short deblockedion of a portion of the prevalent hypotheses and translations identified with Shiva Linga and its root:

Love of the Phallus

As indicated by a few researchers, love of Shiva Linga essentially implies love of the multiplication work. For, they say that the other importance of the Sanskrit word "Linga" is sexual orientation as a rule and phallus (the male regenerative organ) specifically. They trust that the base of the Lingam relates to the Yoni which mean vagina or the female regenerative organ. Correspondence of Linga and Yoni in a Shiva Linga is accordingly translated as the portrayal of the procedure of intercourse. Researchers additionally opine that the Kalash (holder of water) that is suspended over the Shiva Linga from which water trickles over the Linga likewise relate to the possibility of intercourse.

Interfacing the inception of Shiva Linga to the early Indus Valley human advancement, researchers opine that tribes of the Indus Valley took to the harmony of Lingam and Yoni in a Shiva Linga as the purpose of vitality, creation and edification.

Elucidation in Tantra

As indicated by Tantra, Lingam is an image of Shiva?s phallus in profound shape. They say, the lingam contains the spirit seed inside which lies the pith of the whole universe. The lingam emerges out of the base (Yoni) which speaks of Parvati as per a few or Vishnu, Brahma in female and fix shape as per others.

Understanding in Puranas

Puranas, particularly the Vamana Purana, Shiva Purana, Linga Purana, Skanda Purana, Matsya Purana and Visva-Sara-Prakasha property the cause of Shiva Linga to the scourge of sages prompting the partition of and establishment of the phallus of Lord Shiva on earth. Some likewise allude to the unlimited quality of the lingam to be connected to the inner selves of Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

Understanding of Shiva Linga as an Abstract Symbol of God

A few researchers of the Hindu blockedures say that Linga is simply a theoretical image of the God. They point towards a few legends in Hinduism where a sundry stone or even a heap of sand has been utilized as a Lingam or the image of Shiva. Referring to a specific occasion they say, Arjuna once formed a linga of sand while revering Shiva. Researchers of Puranas, in this way contend excessively ought not be made of the typical state of the Lingam. Researchers say that the translation of Shiva Linga as a dynamic type of God is likewise consonant with theories that hold that God might be conceptualized and revered in any helpful frame. The frame itself is insignificant, as the heavenly power that it speaks to is the only thing that is in any way important. Researchers in this manner say that Sivalinga speak to the indistinct Nirguna Brahman or the noform Supreme Being.