Sanskrit is the most antiquated dialect of the world. It is considered as the mother of the considerable number of dialects. Hindus trust that Sanskrit is the dialect of divine beings. In antiquated circumstances, Sanskrit was a typical dialect in India however thereafter, its status slid and it was bound to the Hindu sacred writings as it were. Brahmins in India denied to show it to others as it was the dialect of God. Due to that Sanskrit has turned into an imperilled  dialect now. In the event that appropriate endeavours are not made to advance it, it could wind up noticeably wiped out moreover. There are numerous associations which are attempting to advance Sanskrit. A large portion of the dialects in India addressed date are like Sanskrit from multiple points of view, for example, language structure and vocabulary. Indeed, even in English, there are several words which are much the same as Sanskrit.

There are numerous associations in India which are attempting to advance Sanskrit through various means. They are sorting out free classes of Sanskrit and are appropriating free books to advance Sanskrit. Sanskrit is likewise the piece of authority educational programs in a large portion of the secondary schools in India. Understudies decide on it as it is a high-scoring subject for them. In any case, the principle bolster it needs, is from the government. In the event that the administration chooses to advance it by heart, at that point nothing could stop it. It is likewise the obligation of every one of us to advance Sanskrit as it is an indispensable piece of our way of life. The vast majority of the Hindu sacred texts, shlokas, mantras, and different religious materials are composed in Sanskrit as it were. Keeping in mind the end goal to comprehends their significance, we need to take in the Sanskrit. Rigveda, which is considered as the main book in human development, is additionally composed in Sanskrit.