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Cho Ku Rei

The first symbol of Reiki is Choku Rei. Choku is pronounced – ‘choke’ as ‘u’ is mute. Choke is pronounced with a little pause, i.e., cho-ke. ‘Rei’ is pronounced ‘Ray’. It is generally called the ‘Power symbol’. Takata Sensei translated the word Cho Ku Rei as “put the (spiritual) power here”.

This symbol starts the flowing of Reiki and is uses at the beginning of imparting treatment. The symbol 1 is used to enhance the power of Reiki or to increase the intensity of Reiki at a particular place or for a particular purpose. It is meant for sealing the energy on completion of the treatment. It solves many purposes and is used as a complete symbol in itself or together with other symbols.

Cho Ku Rei is used for protection, cleaning the body off negative energies, empower other Reiki symbols, for manifestation and to charge food, water and medicines. The symbol is used to cleanse a space or an area or a room. It is basically used by practitioners to cleanse an area or room for treatment. The drawing of the symbol is meant for filling the room or area with love and light. It is drawn on the walls, ceiling, corners or the floor. Mentally throw light in the room with the intent that it gets full of light. You need to mark it on the objects you want to clean and work for your highest good. For charging objects with Reiki, draw the symbol on the object and charge it for a few minutes with Reiki.

The Cho Ku Rei symbol is used to focus power selectively. You can use it for more intense and powerful meditation by visualizing or drawing it over your body. Or, you can concentrate over the symbol itself or invoke it mentally. Visualizing it around you is great protection. It is used to concentrate energy on hand or problem areas. The symbol is a type of a guarantee for protection and you can also draw it on something like paper and place it below or above the things you want to be filled with Reiki.

You can use the symbol anywhere you like to cleanse the object or place off any negativity. It clears the negative areas of energy and brings very strong channels of positive energy. You can draw it over food and water before you eat or drink. It can cleanse crystals and you can wear them after cleaning. You can draw them over items of personal care like shampoo or shower or things similar. It overcomes negative resistance patterns and cures pain and other physical ailments.

“It is very simple, but …remember that it is very powerful” – Takata Sensei.

Dai Ko Myo

Dai Ko Myo

The fourth symbol of Reiki is – Dai Ko Myo, which is also called the Master symbol. Pronounced as ‘dye-koe-mmyoh’, it means – Dai – ‘Great’, Ko Myo – ‘Bright Light’. Ko Myo is also known as Enlightened Nature. This symbol is so powerful that it embosses whole of Reiki within it. To different experts, this symbol is the combination of CKR, SHK and HSZSN at a fine state of existence. It is also very significant in practising Johrei.

For some experts, it means passing attunements to others as it is the symbol of energy that activates the attunement process or initiates one into Reiki. Reiki energy can be accessed by the new entrant into Reiki through attunements and is also used as mediation focus point. The traits of empowerment, intuition and spiritual connection are linked with this symbol and it assists one become clear-minded towards his or her goals in life.

In the present time, there are few Reiki masters who can use it. That is why there is less matter written for this symbol. Mrs. Takata drew these symbols differently for her students. But this is the only symbol in Reiki which has variations.

This complete symbol emits powerful energy patterns and heals the self and enables spiritual connection and intuition. The purpose of this symbol is to heal the soul and is done at the Master level which directly heals the higher spiritual level and causes total transformation. This fourth symbol is considered very sacred and is termed by expressions such as ‘symbol for guiding spiritual awakening’ which makes it one of highest symbols. It enthuses healing at the cellular and genetic levels of the body.

This powerful symbol is used as standalone symbol or in combination with other Reiki symbols. This is meant for protection from the negative psychic forces by visualizing a large Dai Ko Myo with a bright white light engulfing you.

It has been discovered that the level 3 Reiki induces high level intuitive and psychic awareness which can be accessed easily with this symbol. Generally, attunement to this level results in miraculous changes in career and lifestyle of a person.

“Reiki is wisdom and truth” – Takata Sesei.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen

The third symbol of Reiki is Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen and is pronounced ‘hawn-sha-zay-show-nen. It is the combination of the Japanese word ‘kanji’ which indicates ‘no past, no present, no future’. Another or the best translation of this symbol is ‘correct thought or correct mindfulness is the essence of being’. This third symbol of Reiki is also known as ‘distance symbol’ or ‘bridge’.


As the meaning of this symbol ‘distance’ indicates, it can be used to send Reiki to anyone or anything anywhere. It can be sent to people, animals, things, events or across time which is the great illusion.

Basically, it is used for distant healing by sending Reiki over time and place. This symbol is used to heal past lives or future events that have not yet taken shape yet but require people to have it.

Some teachers of Reiki use it to connect to others. This is also used to connect people with deities. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is used for spirits of place or ancestral energy patterns.

This symbol is highly useful for healing in areas that are difficult or time-taking to reach. It heals children or animals or those at public place where it is not possible to reach personally. Commonly, it is used in coherence with other Reiki symbols. Using this symbol, you can send energies over time and space anywhere in the world to help those in natural disasters or for healing past wounds and negative energy patterns. You can even create a healing pattern for the future by anticipating future events. It removes the barriers in the way of learning and brings transformation.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is a symbol of karmic release and is used to heal the impact and effects of sufferings and traumas of the past. Often, when healing is done on the roots or base of a problem, other side problems associated with the root are also cured automatically. When this symbol is used in cognition with emotional healing symbol for deep-rooted subconscious problems it brings great, quick and permanent transformation. The deep role of this symbol is to ‘make things right’ and harmonize one’s whole being. The aim and result of this symbol is to bring us into the present by ridding us of worries, anxieties and thought blocks of the past and future. This symbol is also used to help in higher states of meditation.

“… a cosmic energy…” – Takata Sensei.

Sei He Ki

Sei He Ki

This is a very powerful symbol which heals through deep mental levels. It clears the aural blockages and works on the higher consciousness levels and rids one off deep psychological problems like smoking, alcoholism and overeating among others. It restores and maintains psychological and emotional balance and well being.
This symbol is used for improving memory and instilling positive habits and responses in any situation or for event. It helps enhance, improve and induce positive behavioural changes for improved overall performance.

It improves interpersonal relationships and solves all psychological disorders and introduces love in relationships. This symbol deprograms and then reprograms behaviour using high level of positive subconscious energy. There are problems that are caused by deep and emotional unresolved issues that cause illness and non wellness. An example is headache which could be from emotional issues and mental tensions. That is why this symbol is used in dissipating problems such as headaches. It brings the deep-rooted subconscious and unconscious emotional problems to the fore and releases and heals those feelings, desires and conditioning that keep a person in continuous or circular negative patterns. It heals emotional problems underlying the physical problems and illnesses.

Sei He Ki is used to empower your thoughts and ideas. It gives force and energy to your affirmations. When you are trying to achieve your goals affirmations are the only and the most powerful tool for you. It works on the subconscious mind and strongly affirms the wishes to transform into reality. You need to repeat the affirmations in your mind to instil them strongly into your subconscious mind which then converts them into reality. This is all done by Sei He Ki.

This symbol can drastically improve memory and concentration and all you need to do is to think of Sei He Ki. The mere thinking of this symbol would recall the information you want to. This is especially good for students for studies and in exams. Students can draw this symbol and attune his or her mind to the correct answers.

It removes negative energies and vibrations associated with a person. It provides psychic protection to him or her. This is important as there are negative vibes on mental and emotional levels of others and you need to protect yourself from this. That is where the symbol provides psychic protection. You need to draw this symbol and suggest yourself very strongly that “I protect myself now with divine love and light”. You need to draw the Sei He Ki symbol all around you while saying the name three times. You will immediately feel a strong cover of positive energy all around you that will destroy the negative energy and psychic vibrations from others and protect you. Both Cho Ku Rei and Sei He Ki symbols can be used in harmony with each other for the highest level of spiritual protection. It is also used as the centre for meditation.

It is also used to help the terminally ill by letting their transition easy and less painful. It also helps those left behind by the dead by making them aware that death is not the end but only a transition. It should also be kept in mind by the practitioner that the expectations of people are realistic and he or she should not promise others unreal things. Reiki is a wonderful method to relieve and release the pain of people but it should not claim miraculous cures or healing. It helps people more capable by letting them overcome their fear of transition.

Reiki brings relief from pain and healing but pain is different from healing. It lessens or reduces the pain but is more effective when specifically done. It does not eliminate pain if the patient wants to become the whole which is done by karmic release. For relief from pain, one needs to ask particularly for pain relief together with healing because healing alone will not reduce pain automatically.

Reiki brings healing for the totality of a person. It acts at the physical, mental and emotional levels but it should be kept in mind that it must be performed only by a qualified person or the practitioner. It should also be noticed that Reiki is not an alternative to medical treatment or therapy. It acts as a complimentary way of treatment and should be used in cognition with other contemporary therapies for truly effective results. It increases the effectiveness of other therapies multitude of times. This has proved to be so for those having serious psychological conditions in which they should undergo medical treatment along with Reiki to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

“With our thoughts we shape our reality” – Shakyamuni Buddha.