Reiki Levels or Degrees

Reiki is generally organized in three levels or degrees, Level 1 or 1st degree, Level 2 or 2nd degree and Level 3 or 3rd degree. The last or the 3rd degree is the Master or Teacher level. Some experts talk of four levels and break Level 3 into Level 3a and Level 3b or Level 4. Attunement is done during teaching of Reiki and with progression there is marked difference in awareness of sensations and enhanced personal power.

Under the four levels system 3a level is called ART or the Advanced Reiki Techniques. In this you can learn Reiki but can not give initiations or attunements. You can give initiations and attunements only at the 3b or the 4th level. Conventionally, you learn the initiation process in the 3rd level. These levels are not levels of Reiki but are a method of dividing the training into different sizes which make learning easier.

The most important thing for progressing with Reiki is to select a Reiki master. It is considered that you will attract a master who is meant for your optimum good and benefit. So it is not necessary to search for a master and be confused. You should just go with your feeling for one you like.

So, do something great today and learn Reiki. Permit yourself a new, exciting and wondrous journey in life, become enlightened and have peace of mind.

Happy Reiking.