Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki is an ancient system of healing and nurturing. It causes relaxation, de-stressing, peace and all other types of stresses in life. It promotes non-invasive and effective healing as well helps in preventive healing.

During a Reiki session gentle but very powerful positive energy flows throughout a person’s body and clears energy blocks throughout the body and creates perfect balance and harmony of bodily energy in the client’s body.

It works at the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of existence. The client lay down on the Reiki table while the practitioner places his hands above the client body. There have been a number of benefits that clients have experienced and are as follows:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Feeling of general and overall well-being
  • Spiritual growth
  • Detoxification
  • Relief from pain
  • More creativity
  • Enhanced healing
  • Easy chemotherapy
  • Clarity of thinking
  • Strong immune system
  • Feeling of in-charge of life
  • Lessened blood pressure
  • A rejuvenated body and soul
  • All round balance like physical, emotional, spiritual and mental

I undertake Reiki training and healing in the Europe, UK and do distance healing and attunement. You can contact me through mail or phone for an appointment.

REIKI SESSION 1 HR. – £35.00