Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki treatment is an energy healing and clearing process which provides an occasion for you to relax and feel energized in a safe environment.

Basically, Reiki can help the body to reach an inner state of harmony at all levels such as physical, mental and spiritual and emotional level, which usually is the cause of one or the other illness. Granting Reiki helps in the recovery of physical illness, this also can bring about the change in undesirable mental habits, by spinning these into positive thoughts.

Reiki energy is powerful yet gentle form of healing and the benefits can be felt instantly at any level.

Who is Reiki treatment suitable for?

Reiki treatment is suitable for anyone and everyone from young babies to adults to elderly. Reiki is gentle, non – invasive treatment, Reiki can be used alongside any other treatment, conventional or complimentary therapy.

Reiki treatment can be administered on a treatment bench or chair, whatever is comfortable for the individual.

Reiki treatments are suitable for anyone who just want to de-stress or who may be ill or has an injury. Energy healing can also be used as prevention as it keeps the emotions in balance and harmony along with mind and body.

There are no known side-effects of Reiki, the Reiki energy flows through all energy tubes in our body. Lack of energy in our energy body is the root cause of all illnesses. By inducing Reiki energy, the energy flows through all energy tubes and unblocks and heals and cleanses the blockages that may have been causing all types of ailments…….

Please discuss any medical conditions if you have with the Reiki practitioner during your first meeting as this will help them decide on the best treatment for you and quiet often they are happy to work alongside your doctor or consultant.

Reiki always compliments any type of medical or complimentary therapies.

When treating with Reiki there is never any guarantee that the illness is completely cured, however there are several cases where this has occurred. You may wish to have treatment for anything, Reiki will be of help in some way or another. Once you notice the improvements you might want to consider and look at ways to remain in this amended state, and thinking positive and educating your way of life and being more aware of yourself eg: diet, exercise, staying connected with positive people.

 Does the Reiki Practitioner diagnose my condition?

Medical health diagnoses are not offered or done by the practitioners as they are not trained to diagnose any condition and should not offer to do so. Only a brief medical history is discussed with you and you may be suggested to visit your GP for diagnosis.

What conditions can be treated with Reiki?

Reiki can treat various conditions and have various benefits.

Please click on the link below to check the conditions that can be treated with Reiki.

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How is a Reiki Treatment carried out?

You certainly will be explained how the treatment is carried out and you have the opportunity to clear any doubts or have any question you may wish to ask.

Prior to the commencement of your Reiki treatment, a brief lifestyle and medical history about you is discussed. This is to gain an understanding of your current health and whether your medication. It will also tell us why you have come for treatment. Please remember that all the information you give is held confidential.  When the treatment begins which you can take either seated or lay down on the treatment couch fully clothed and blanket if required. Firstly, you will be invited to close your eyes and enjoy the relaxation experience this leads into the Reiki treatment. It’s important you feel relaxed and allow the energy to do its good work.

As the practitioner evokes Reiki energy, this energy will now be flowing through the hands of the practitioner who will begin to very gently place their hands over the energy. Reiki treatments are non-invasive therefore, you will feel comfortable at all times throughout the treatment. At each energy point, the practitioner hands will remain still for a few minutes and you may feel heat or cold coming from their hands, which feels very calming and soothing. At the end of the treatment, you will be offered to drink some water and we can discuss your experience of receiving Reiki healing.
Reiki treatments have to be experienced as words cannot justify truly how wonderful this healing energy is.

 What can I expect to feel during the Reiki treatment?

 Everyone experiences Reiki differently, although all agree it provides a wonderful relaxed feeling. As mentioned above most people feel warmth or cold sensation from the practitioner’s hands, some people feel nothing and that’s ok too. Reiki energy works irrespective of the sensation felt.  Sometimes people also feel emotions being released during the treatment as the energy clears any blockages present. Past experience that need healing may also surface during treatment. Reiki energy helps clam the mind and provides clear thoughts. Some people also experience that it provides answers to any issues or problems currently facing, although this may happen over repeated sessions. Whatever happens during the treatment it’s always a positive experience.

Just take the opportunity to relax and Enjoy the Experience!!

How long does a Reiki Treatment last?

Your first visit will usually take around 80- 90 minutes, this includes the initial conversation to assess the best way to treat you, your medical history and medication. Following treatments may take up an hour.

What might I feel after the treatment.

One of the most given feedback after Reiki treatment is the feeling of being totally relaxed, calm and refreshed. The feeling generally last for few hours after the treatment and others feel very energized. A lot of people report that they have had a sleep for a couple of nights after the treatment. The benefits of Reiki are numerous and always positive. On some occasions, some people may experience having a cold, feeling tired or an emotional release. This is the body’s way of release. This is body’s way of releasing unwanted energy, and these symptoms are short-lived.

Are there any side-effects if Reiki Treatment?

There are no known negative effects of Reiki, only positive effects – such as feeling relaxed and calm. As mentioned about a few symptoms of cold or emotional release and these are short term effects.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments required are different to each individual depending on their need and the nature of illness. This can be discussed during the first session.

Reiki helps the body to reach an inner state of harmony, mentally and spiritually.

As well as helping many physical ailments. It can also promote the changing of any negative mental habits.