The Satguru Tradition

All through history, there has been the interest and search for a definitive truth. All the distinctive religions on the planet have scanned for this and concurred that it is the Supreme Being which is all-all-pervasive and omnipresent. Every one of the sages, holy people, seers and masters have preached this preeminent element to be the maker of the universe. This learning of the nearness of an omnipotent power has showed up as Holy Scriptures and religious books in various beliefs and religions. The objective of the considerable number of religions and beliefs are same yet the ways have been distinctive. There has been perplexity and divisions among religions, organizations and groups on the premise of religion which has just made false contrasts among individuals. History demonstrates that after some time, beliefs have been overpowered by creeds, customs and debates which have made the genuine motivation behind instructing obscured.

Among various ministers, Baba Buta Singh Ji has been an unceasing light who is the author and first Satguru of Sant Nirankari Mission. He started lecturing and demonstrating the way to God in 1929 and built up Sant Nirankari Mission, and the Satguru convention started. He trusted that God acknowledgment was conceivable just through an illuminated master and not through authoritative opinions, customs and ceremonies.

Baba Buta Singh Ji Maharaj (1873-1943) – Founder of Sant Nirankari Mission

Baba Buta Singh Ji was born to Shri Bishan Singh Ji and Smt. Mayawanti Ji in 1873 in Hudwal town of Kaimalpur in introduce day Pakistan. He was religious in nature since adolescence and was intense and slanted in discussing Gurbani, the sacred verses from Adi Granth. He had solid summon over Gurbani and could present and comprehend the ideas so well that no one could set out contradict him. He got a handle on a definitive truth of Gurbani early which helped him in his later life. He used to end up plainly so assimilated while presenting it that he would even overlook his physical presence. God information was uncovered to Buta Singh by Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji at 40 years old. He carried on with a straightforward existence with least prerequisites. Baba Buta Singh Ji joined armed force for a brief period at that point began inking professionally. On getting to be plainly illuminated, he began scattering the perfect information to everybody who was intrigued and one of his first teaches was Baba Avtar Singh Ji.

Sant Nirankari Mission was set up on 25 May 1929. On this day, Baba Avtar Singh Ji was edified and attained God information from Baba Buta Singh Ji and started the work of spreading the spiritual light to greatest number of individuals. In spite of the fact that there was resistance from a few quarters, it in the long run helped the Mission wind up plainly known to an expanding number of individuals. Baba Buta Singh Ji had confidence in sacrificial administration to others and viewed it as the premise of flourishing.

Baba Avtar Singh Ji (1899-1969)

Baba Avtar Singh Ji was born in the family of Shri Mukha Singh Ji and Smt. Narayani Devi Ji on December 31, 1899 at the little town of Latifal in Jhelum (Now in Pakistan). His instruction started under the direction of the nearby minister, Shri Nand Lal. Progressively, he turned out to be amazingly astute and could think about sacred texts in a brief timeframe. He was an extremely solid and decided individual. When he was 12, his maternal uncle took him to Rawalpindi where he started working at an inn. At that point after some time he took up the work of doorman at railroad station. He interacted with Seth Sawan Mal who was inspired with his genuineness and diligent work and gave him an occupation at his pastry shop. Afterward, he made him his accomplice and in the end, gave the pastry kitchen to him.

He interacted with Baba Buta Singh Ji Peshawar on 25th May, 1929 and was charmed to have him and came to think about the undefined God, Nirankar. He pronounced that then onwards his life would be as Baba Buta Singh Ji sought. He was brimming with commend for him and surrendered to him completely. He reported that he had discovered his objective and fate at Baba Buta Singh Ji's feet. Baba Buta Singh Ji was likewise glad to have discovered somebody who might surrender himself to heavenly nature and spread the light of godliness to masses and expel their numbness. At that point on, they cooperated and it proceeded for a long time. He was tried commonly for dependability, commitment, devotion and earnestness towards the Master and succeeded each time.

Baba Avtar Singh Ji succeeded Baba Buta Singh Ji and proceeded with his lessons from 1943 to 1962. He was focused on the advancement of humanity through heavenly lecturing. He confronted extreme resistance in doing likewise yet could quiet his faultfinders skilfully and there were pundits who went along with him and committed their life to the Mission. He established the Sant Nirankari Mandal in 1948 to sort out the Mission which was persistently growing and enlisted it. In 1956, Sant Nirankari Sewa Dal was framed under the authority of Chacha Pratap for setting up branches and holding gatherings. A wing was set up for the production of Mission theory books and 'Avtar Bani', containing Nirankari philosophy and was distributed in 1957. Baba Avtar Singh Ji once chosen to wind up plainly a customary lover from a Satguru. Along these lines, he set a case to others and demonstrated aggregate regard and adoration to Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, the then Satguru.

He and Rajmata Kulwant Kaur Ji left for UK visit in 1969 yet needed to return between in light of the evil strength of Baba Avtar Singh Ji who terminated on September 17, 1969 just a couple days of his arrival. His enthusiasts needed to give him a fabulous memorial service with sandalwood and so on yet Baba Avtar Singh Ji declined saying that a dead body is a dead body and it doesn't make a difference whether it has a place with a conventional individual, a scholarly or even a blessed man. Hence, he was given a basic memorial service at electric crematorium in Delhi.

Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji (1930-1980)

Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji, the child of Baba Avtar Singh Ji, was one of the greats who committed his life for the solidarity of humanity. All through life, he attempted to instill the soul of tranquil conjunction, love and amicability in the public eye. He was tormented by individuals battling each other on the premise of religion and confidence because of numbness and superstition. He had the favours of his dad Baba Avtar Singh Ji and Baba Buta Singh Ji and had profound arousing through them. He had the chance to assimilate the qualities of magnanimous administration and surrendering to heavenly nature and accordingly, he turned into a living image of spiritual existence and awesome truth.

Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji was destined to Baba Avtar Singh Ji and Jagat Mata Budhwanti Ji in Peshawar in Pakistan on December 10, 1930. He was the dear of all including Baba Buta Singh Ji who was living with them around then. He started to demonstrate remarkable qualities appropriate from early stages. He showed benevolence and sensitivity for the tormented and was a long way from disagreement, fights, debate and other malignance and acknowledged others with open hearts. After center level tutoring in Peshawar he did his registration from Khalsa School in Rawalpindi however his examinations were intruded on account of Indo-Pak parcel. Due to the turmoil of the time, he was briskly hitched to Kulwant Kaur Ji on 22 April, 1947 at a straightforward service. At the time, a camp was setup at Wah for those relocating to India and the camp officer solicited him to take mind from those living in the camp.

On achieving India, Mission's work was continued in Delhi and Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji began car parts business at Jalandhar yet moved to Delhi. Aside from his work, he appreciated the Mission's gatherings and taken care of devotees also.

Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj

Baba Hardev Singh Ji was born to Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and Rajmata Kulwant Kaur Ji on February 23, 1954 in Delhi. In his extremely youth, he had the favours of his folks and grandparents the then Satguru, Baba Avtar Singh Ji and Jagat Mata Budhwanti Ji. With age, he wound up plainly astute and calm. He was a sharp spectator of things and paid due regard to older folks. He was additionally inspired by religious talks and spiritual gatherings and was especially pulled in to photography too.

He got basic training at home just and adapted rapidly and afterward went to the Rosary Public School at Sant Nirankari Colony in Delhi. Everybody at school was awed by his acumen and minding nature. Amid his schooldays he built up an unmistakable fascination in mountaineering and took intense excursions through mountains. He was additionally gifted in driving and stallion riding.

He came back to Delhi after his instruction and joined Delhi University and began partaking in Mission's exercises. Satguru Baba Hardev Singh Ji joined the Nirankari Sewa in 1971 as its essential part and sorted out the 'Adolescent Forum' in 1975 which gone for advancing honest and straightforward living, concordance, dedication, godliness and cherish and honed disallowance.

He was hitched to Savinder Ji at a basic marriage service amid the Annual Nirankari Sant Samagam in 1975. Savinder Ji was the little girl of Shri Gurumukh Singh Ji and Smt. Madan Ji of Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Baba Hardev Singh Ji progressed toward becoming Satguru under unfavourable circumstance when the Mission's spiritual ace and his dad, Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji tumbled to a fanatic’s bullets on April 24, 1980. This was the season of extraordinary resistance, tolerance and restraint for each adherent and the eventual fate of the Mission was in question. The devotees couldn't acknowledge this fate as they were instructed to surrender absolutely to the godlikeness. Be that as it may, they likewise trusted that the substance is perpetually living and would return another physical shape. This progressed toward becoming reality likewise when Hardev turned into the leader of the Mission quickly after Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji's memorial service and all observed the Satguru show him in Hardev. He said that Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji's suffering was God's desire and there was peace at Mission in light of the fact that the followers trusted the affliction to be the incomparable give up which will bring peace and congruity. Baba Hardev Singh Ji precluded even the minimum retaliation would be against Baba Gurubachan Singh ji’s Principles. He encouraged devotees to carry the message of his love and compassion, welfare for all and truth and devotees did not consider any idea of violence despite provocations from the fanatics. In 1981 Baba Ji declared the day as Manav Ekta Divas and instead of Martyrdom Day.

The affliction of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji and Hardev ji’s first heavenly talk affected everyone profoundly. Prior additionally, the enthusiasts' confidence had been tried when many driving evangelists needed to languish imprison term over no fault of theirs. So also, now the Mission lost its preeminent guide for lecturing peace and truth. Be that as it may, from his first discourse, his dreams turned out to be clear to everybody. His treatment of the circumstance kept the lamentable aftermath of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji's incomparable give up and there was peace and love. In spite of the fact that there were misfortunes as far as life and property for the Mission supporters, the message of resilience, peace, love, confidence and quietude spread.

Baba Hardev Singh Ji was focused on peace, amicability and all-inclusive fellowship and soon attempted visits abroad and crosswise over India. He was very much aware of the way that followers everywhere throughout the world couldn't acknowledge the sudden vanishing of the physical form of Baba Gurcharan Singh Ji. The circumstances and conditions were troublesome at that point to go far away parts and sort out assemblages in the open. Be that as it may, he was not prevented and flown out to urban communities as well as rather to the remote zones too, and urged all to keep the soul of affection, agreement and human solidarity, up. He met individuals personally and as and where they were. He blended with them and shared their agony and delight like family which made them cheerful and was much the same as the head of the family to them.

He widely visited all aspects of the world where he was invited by huge number of devotees and followers which included Indians and also outsiders. They would gather at a place and hear him out and were exceptionally inspired. This staggering reaction from individuals made the law and order officers realise the truth that the Mission remains for peacefulness, harmony, congruity and fellowship and spiritual enlightenment.

When one stops and glances back at the past, it turns out to be evident that Baba Hardev Singh Ji has made the Mission touch new statures and has been overwhelmingly ready to spread the light and high goals of Baba Gurbachan Singh Ji to all parts of the world.

The Mission has extended enormously since 1980 and the constantly expanding number of members and Samagams at different spots demonstrates this. New branches of the Mission and Satsang Bhawans have been set up and different parts of India, for example, the North-East and South are currently likewise mindful and acquainted with the Mission and its rationality.

At present, the Mission at Delhi and Greater Delhi are separated into 30 divisions and the nation into 50 zones with facilitated exercises amongst branches and the branch and the home office. Baba Hardev Singh Ji has fastidiously actualized the arrangements for the prerequisite of a substantial and association extending quick.

He additionally sorted out gatherings in Delhi in March 1987 known as Special General Body Meeting of Sant Nirankari Mandal, same as composed by Baba Gurcharan Singh Ji in 1965 and 1973 at Mussoorie. Separated, blood donation camps have additionally been composed on Manav Ekta Divas as an symbol of administration to humankind and Baba Gurcharan Singh Ji's incomparable sacrifice. It was decided at the meeting to set up a Department of Social Welfare under a Member of the Executive Committee of Sant Nirankari Mandal. Nirankar Sarovar Complex has been set up with 5 section of land store and 20 sections of land of lavish green gardens with blossoms. It additionally contains the Nirankari Museum, Journey Divine that was built up in 2005 and imparted with present day innovation. There are trained volunteers who advise the guests about everything. Baba Ji has likewise underlined the Mission's lessons for the corporate division amid the introduction of eighth International Conference on Corporate Governance on September 20, 2007 in London. He additionally went by 27-country European Parliament in Strasbourg on September 26, 2007 where he met its President who had profound gratefulness for its attention on human solidarity and peace.

Sant Nirankari Mission's belief system

The objective of human life is God realisation. The human life makes us mindful of reality by perceiving the deception. We understand that the creation is false and the main truth is the heavenly perfect substance or God in which we in the long run consolidate. Man's character vanishes into the entirety. As the spirit acknowledges God, it is loaded with virtue and honourability and all the insidiousness is drawn out of our lives. There is light all around, the spirit is loaded with affection and goodwill and life turns out to be clean, pure and sublime.

God is formless and form is result of Maya. The indistinct God is Nirankar which never shows signs of change. He is omnipresent, omniscient and everlasting and can be acknowledged with endowments of a living expert. God is a continuum which overruns all and can't be acknowledged by the five senses.

God can be seen just through a developed personality. It can be seen by someone who can look past matter. It is conceivable just when the spirit can look past the five faculties however this ability can't be represented and must be known through union with somebody who has encountered it. One who has understood the preeminent truth can make us understand it. There is no requirement for religious creeds for it since it is immaculate pure and simple that we see each day.

The state when we understand God is called 'Sehaj'. At this state, man is neither energized nor miserable on picking up or losing something individually and lives in an even state all through. There is no envy for the blessed individuals and no negligence for the less lucky ones. He is content inside himself and is loaded with peace and bliss and this is the thing that the Mission stands for. The spirit ends up noticeably serene and stable.

The understanding that after God's acknowledgment we work in coherence drives the Mission. We see a common thing which joins all in spite of assorted qualities and makes us tolerant to others. We should understand that each individual is the production of eternity and we think contrastingly however regard the connection which associates us.

The Mission manages people and their soul. As the world comprises of countries which comprise of people, the connection between people frames the human culture. There can be no peace on the planet until the point that the connection between you and I wind up plainly agreeable. We should understand that answer for each issue on the planet starts from our own self. So on the off chance that you and I find a sense of contentment, the world will actually find a sense of contentment.

Dedication and devotion is a lifestyle and an approach to know Him. It is a method for expression for the devotee for what He has given him. This has no connection with customs, time or place. Knowing Him is not an end but rather a start. One who is valid in his heart can see holiness in all and he is in Satsang constantly. His every action is committed to the divine and is a Sewa for the enthusiast. Such an aficionado knows about the heavenliness or Nirankar constantly and Sumiran is in his every breath. He is loaded with ecstasy and never forgets the self. In any case, once in a while it requires to be constrained in light of the fact that Maya is to a great degree solid.

The lifestyle consists of:

Satsang: It is gathering of followers at one place. Essentially it intends to join truth. In Mission, it is trusted that Satsang is done at a place and time yet it should be possible by living in the condition of satsang which is divine.

Sewa: It is about magnanimous administration to mankind. It is managed without desire of any reward or advantage or pick up. This should be possible from numerous points of view yet the fundamental quality is selfless service.

Sumiran: When one gets genuine learning the Master requests that the devotee remember the formless constantly and all over the place and under all circumstances. It ought not be incidental but rather should be a piece of everyday lives. Along these lines of recollecting that Him constantly keeps our faith in the Master strong.