Nageshwar Temple

Nageshwar Temple or Nagnath Temple is situated on the course between Gomati Dwarka and the Bait Dwarka Island on the shoreline of Saurashtra in Gujarat. The Jyotirlinga cherished in the Temple of Nagnath is known as Nageshwar Mahadev and draws in a huge number of explorers all round the year. This effective Jyotirlinga symbolizes security from all toxic substances. It is said that the individuals who appeal to the Nageshwar Linga turn out to be free of toxin. The Rudra Samhita sloka alludes to Nageshwar with the expression ‘’Daarukaavane Naagesham’’.

Legend Behind Nageshwar Temple

As indicated by Shiv Purana, a Shiva enthusiast by name Supriya was assaulted by an evil presence Daaruka while in a vessel. The evil presence detained him alongside a few others at his capital Daarukaavana where he dwelled with his significant other Daaruki. Supriya prompted all detainees to discuss the mantra 'Aum Namaha Shivaya'. At the point when Daruk came to think about this he raced to murder Supriya. Quickly Lord Shiva showed up as a Jyotirlingam and vanquished the evil spirit with the Paasupata Astram.

This Jyotirlinga appearance of Shiva is loved as Nageswara. Two different destinations in India, one close Audhgram close Purna in Andhra Pradesh and another close Almora in Uttar Pradesh likewise cherish sanctuaries to Nageswara Jyotirlingam. As indicated by the Shiv Purana, any one who ever with dedication peruses the birth and significance of this Jyotirlinga should bring forth all material satisfaction and heavenly status at last.

Structure of Nageshwar Temple

Nageshwar Mahadev Sivalingam is confronting South while the Gomugam is confronting east. There is a story for this position. A follower by name Naamdev was singing bhajans before the Lord. Different followers requesting that he stand aside and not shroud the Lord. To this Naamdev requesting that they recommend one heading in which the Lord does not exist, with the goal that he can remain there. The angered followers conveyed him and left him on the southside. To their shock, they found that the Linga was presently confronting South with the Gomugam confronting east