Mallikarjun Temple

Mallikarjun Temple is arranged on Shri Shaila Mountain by the banks of the Patal Ganga, Krishna River in the southern condition of Andhra Pradesh. Otherwise called Kailash of the South, Mallikarjuna constitutes one of the 12 Jyotirlingam holy places of Shiva and is one of the best Shaivaite altars in India. The managing gods of Mallikarjuna Temple are Mallikarjuna (Shiva) and Bhramaramba (Devi). Consistently there is a reasonable composed because of Mahashivratri.

Legend of Mallikarjun Jyotirlinga

As indicated by Shiva Purana, when Lord Ganesh was hitched off before his older brother Kartikeya, and on account of this sibling Kartikeya wound up plainly irate. Regardless of being halted and supported by his parents Shiv-Parvati, Kartikeya left to the Kraunch Mountain. Indeed, even the Gods went and took a stab at reassuring Kartikeya yet every one of their endeavours were futile. On account of this occurrence Shiv-Parvati were exceptionally heart-broken and both concluded that they would themselves go to Kraunch Mountain. Be that as it may, when Kartikeya came to realize that his parents have arrived, he left. In the end Lord Shiva accepted the form of Jyotirlinga and dwelled on that mountain by the name of Mallikarjuna. Mallika implies Parvati, while Arjuna is another name of Shiva. Along these lines both Shiva and Parvati came to live in this linga. It is said that by just observing the tip of mountain one is liberated from every one of his wrongdoings and stresses. The individual turns out to be free from the endless loop of life and passing.

Engineering of Mallikarjun Temple

The engineering of the old Mallikarjun Temple is exceptionally wonderful and mind boggling. The sanctuary has post like dividers, towers and a rich blessing of sculptural work. The colossal sanctuary is worked in the Dravidian style with grandiose towers and sprawling patios and is thought to be one of the finest examples of Vijayanagar design. Sanctuary of Tripurantakam, Siddavatam, Alampura and Umamaheswaram situated in the region of Mallikarjuna Jyotirlina are thought to be the four entryways to Sri Sailam.

Bhramaramba Shrine

Found neighboring the Mallikarjun Temple is a place of worship committed to Goddess Jagdamba who is known as Bhramaramba here. The Bhramaramba hallowed place is thought to be of incredible centrality. Legend as it is said that Durga is said to have expected the state of a honey bee and revered Shiva here, and picked this place as her place of worship.