Distant Attunement

There are various benefits to distant attunements, although, in person and distant attunements are a personal choice for you to make.

The Benefits:

Whether you are being attuned in person or distantly, both are as effective as each other when it comes to attuning you to Reiki energy. The main question asked, is whether distant attunements work or not. Whichever feels right for you, whether its in person or distant. You should always question when someone pushed a suggestion onto you, or their beliefs. Especially, if the person suggesting is one who has no experience in either type of attunement. You should always be open-minded when picking the right teacher for you. There is something to be said for the personal touch of a master in Reiki, this is in both cases of attunement. Some feel more confident with this; however, it is not a necessity for a personal touch. In order to be attuned to Reiki, in-person attunements are not for everyone. It is simply whatever feels better for you. Reiki is also one out of thousands of energy healing modalities. All energies can be passed via short or long distance, with some, specifically designed for distant attunements.

There are many benefits with distant reiki attunements:

  1. Being distantly attuned is just as effective and just as powerful as being in person
  2. Whilst being attuned, you are comfortable. This is because you are in your comfort of your own house and know the surroundings.
  3. Attunements can take place when ever you are ready at any given time.
  4.  You are able to pick a convenient time that best suits you. You are also in complete privacy with nobody around you.
  5. You are able to practice and study at your own pace
  6. It also helps due to people who are not in close proximity to a Reiki teacher.
  7. You aren’t paying for your travel or taking time out of a busy schedule.  
  8. Just as effective, distant reiki attunements are also more affordable.
  9. You are also able to focus more, due to being alone instead of in a large class.
  10. You are open to asking questions and feeling more secure, due to being alone. When in a larger group, some tend to be shy.
  11. Before your attunement, and afterwards, you are constantly being tutored through your emails.

Whether it’s a distant attunement or Reiki, or in person, both are just as effective as the other. Many attunements have become very successful due to the above benefits. This is, of course, with ongoing support and dedication, with ongoing training also.

If you have not experiences attunements from a distance, and you may be uncertain whether its effective or not, try it yourself. Even if you are unsure whether to advise your friends or students, again, try it yourself. It is mainly through our own personal experiences that we are able to understand and advise others. 

What Is A Reiki Attunement?

A process in energy healing, allowing you use energies for personal, healing and spiritual growth, is the definition of a reiki attunement.

Working on the understanding that everything Is energy, even yourself, is how an attunement works. When it comes to abundance, clearing chakras, reducing stress and many others, there are certain energies that become more beneficial than others. Everything is actually energy, in fact, we are all one. This is why we already have many of these energies as part of us. However, many of us aren’t fully aware of these energies and are not skilled enough to access these energies that are within ourselves.

 An attunement is a process allowing you to remember and access a range of different energies in the future. These are various energies that are then increased to what lies within you. This allows you to remember these energies over and over again. As a result, you are able to activate them a lot easier in future as you have been reminded constantly of their frequencies.

Typically, there is a language used by healing practitioners in order to explain the perception of how the energies work and act. Many do this by speaking about bringing energies in or from one person to another, transferring these energies. Although, nothing is necessarily being transferred even though we are all one energetically.

Attunements help significantly when it comes to accelerating in your spiritual development. When it comes to accessing the energies yourself, it also helps reducing your own time. Attunements should be used as a starting point, as the person accessing these enegies may only be able to access certain energies. When it comes to your personal and specific needs, not all energies are available.