Distance Reiki Healing

Distance Reiki takes place when the healer sends Reiki energy towards a person, group, event or situation remotely in the past, present or future. Remote healing can be done in a number of ways. Same as in in-person healing, Reiki energy automatically flows to the desired or expected part of the aural field of a person or the group.

In distance healing, distance does not matter and everything is same whether the client is at a lesser distance or in any remote part of the world across the seas. The only condition is that the client should be prepared to let the energy flow through him or her and is truly willing to receive the benefits of the healing positive energy.

During the distant healing, you may feel heat, tingling or visual experiences apart from the feeling of relaxed, peaceful, nurtured and comforted. But if you do not feel anything of these or fall asleep it does not mean that you didn’t receive the treatment or it was not done in the proper way or it was unsuccessful in any way. The healing is done by the soul at the emotional, mental and spiritual level of existence.

This energy produces the best for all and will never overtake a person’s will or cause harm of any type.