Energy Exchange

Reiki and money

Money in exchange for universal life energy seems incorrect to many because it is thought that how can somebody charge for freely available energy but there are others who opine that a person devotes time and money in Reiki activities. Everything like Reiki courses, treatments, instructions needs money.

Lot of time, money, energy and resources are needed to become a certified healer. Part of self-restraint and exertion is required for self recuperating and the healer needs to spend on books, trainings and different materials, for example, endorsements, seals, printing charges and stamps.  Apart, there are also CD players, CDs, membership fees of Reiki organizations and other charges like taxes. But a lot of thinking goes in the minds of Reiki healer to set his or her price. The price is not fixed on the paying capacity of the client and is a universal charge.

There are exceptions when a client needs healing very much but is unable to pay the charges and in that case the healer lowers his or her charges as needed. The money is only a symbolic form of paying for energy. It is very difficult to measure the value of what Reiki does to a person. So the best option for a practitioner is to follow suit with the Reiki masters.

There are different options on how Dr. Usui, Hayashi and Takata developed the system. It is said that Dr. Usui invested a long energy working on mending in Kyoto ghettos and treated homeless people for enhanced life. Amid his course he went over individuals who have begun investing energy in the ghettos again after Reiki recuperating. On his question, they said that asking was less demanding than working. This disillusioned Usui and he felt that his endeavors were lessened by granting Reiki that way. This gave him the idea of taking something in exchange of Reiki as people will value something which they get in return of something.

That is how the concept of money in exchange of Reiki came to his mind. Mrs. Takata was said to have charged $10000 for Reiki master status. This is all because society gives value to something which it pays in the form of money. So money is a physical or worldly way of conveying gratitude and respect for something it gets. By paying off the sum as an appreciation, gratitude and respect for something we have received we are mentally, spiritually and psychologically prepared to avail the full benefits of a highly valued thing as Reiki.