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Code of Conduct

All Reiki healers should follow the code of conduct as laid down. They define the nature of relationship between the practitioner and the client and any violation of the code of conduct would be considered breach of trust. It must be followed by the healers at all times.

  • There should be absolute confidentiality between the practitioner and the client. Nothing should be divulged to a third party irrespective of everything else.
  • The practitioner should never reveal the identity of the client unless he or she has the permission of the client to do so. He will not reveal any other information of the client such as name and address until permitted by the client in this regard.
  • A practitioner should ensure that the healing environment is safe and comfortable.
  • A Reiki practitioner must have full respect and honor for the client.
  • A Reiki practitioner should clarify to the client what he or she would experience before, during and after the session.
  • A Reiki practitioner must provide his services in the right way and should respect the views, ways, methods and opinions of other practitioners although he is at liberty to learn from them.
  • A Reiki practitioner should make it clear to his clients about the value of Reiki and that the sessions do not guarantee or total recovery.
  • A Reiki practitioner should bring it to the knowledge of the client that Reiki is a holistic way of healing and cannot be an alternative to professional health and medical care.
  • The healer should know if the patient is undergoing any medical treatment. If he or she thinks that the client needs professional medical attention and care then he or she should advise him to consult a professional health and medical care professional.
  • The practitioner should never involve himself or herself in diagnosis or treatment prescribed to his client.
  • A practitioner can never touch the genitals or breast of his clients. He cannot ever ask his clients to undress. He can only use hands-off technique in healing those areas.
  • A practitioner must concentrate on his healing the foremost to truly involve the essence of Reiki in the session.

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