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Lotus divine is the ultimate divine place where all your problems of all types are solved. Whether it is a physical problems such as disease, emotional problem, relationship problem, emotional problem, psychological problem, property problem or financial problem, all are solve in the best way possible

We use the energy healing technique of Reiki to cure all types of problems that you face in life. Lotus divine is managed by well qualified, trained and experience Reiki healers and practitioners who care and pay attention to each of the clients. They are highly sensitive to client problems and guided by strict guidelines to bring the best of healing to the clients. Their motive and purpose is to help those with difficulties, overcome their problems. We provide all types of divine Reiki healing to clients all over the world through in-person and distant healing methods.

At lotus divine, we believe in taking happiness everywhere in the world. We believe in spreading compassion and unconditional love everywhere. We honor and respect the individuality of each and every person irrespective of any other aspects of life. At our place, we are totally committed to maintaining the confidentiality of clients as instructed and practiced in Reiki.

Lotus divine extends full support, help and care to all seeking Reiki for any purpose in their life and treat all as a family. We employ only those techniques that are totally natural, safe and secure and there are absolutely no side effects. It is time you should opt a healthy, happy and prosperous life with the blessings of Reiki.

Guru Ka Das Walia Quotes

Thy says he has surrendered to almighty then why so much pain ?
Thy says I am one with the one then.....

Guru Ka Das Walia

Today’s happiness is the beginning of tomorrows unhappiness and tomorrow’s unhappiness is the...

Guru Ka Das Walia

When everything around me goes against me then I turn to the one where there is nothing and...

Guru Ka Das Walia

To achieve what one has never achieved, one will need to do what one has never done before.

Guru Ka Das Walia

Today on planet earth there are more Gurus than Leaners, everyone that has some knowledge or power.....

Guru Ka Das Walia
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